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Jumpstart Your Home Training Strategy With The Ultimate Online Soccer Progression

5 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Train at Home Effectively and Efficiently

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in just hours!

Module 1

On The EDGE 1 -Technical Training   Simple Soccer Series Intro to Dribbling -1 and Passing -1    BEGINNER 

Module 2

On The EDGE 2 -Technical Training Simple Soccer Series Dribbling -2 and Passing -2 BEGINNER-ENHANCED

Module 3

On The EDGE 3 -Technical Training Simple Soccer Series Dribbling -3 and Passing -3 ENHANCED 

Module 4

On The EDGE 4 -Technical Training   Simple Soccer Series Dribbling -4 and Passing -4 ENHANCED/ULTIMATE

Module 5

On The EDGE 5 -Technical Training   Simple Soccer Series Dribbling -5 and Passing -5 ULTIMATE


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About Your Coach

Coach Robert

With over 30 years of playing, coaching and one on one training experience, Coach Robert is a Licensed trainer with the US Soccer association and creator of the On The EDGE technical soccer program and the Simple Soccer Series.  He is the founder of FutureWorldCupChampions.com and the visionary behind the 'Ten Team Theory' which describes the process of training 20,000 athletes developing 2,000 elite players and producing 200 professional American soccer players with an aim at winning a world cup in 10 years.  

Coach Robert Soccer trainer, founder of fwcc, creator of on the edge soccer

Here is what students are saying

"My son really enjoys the exercises and I think it helps him understand control and direction.  I really appreciate it.  He was really challenged and loved working with you and the boys, he cant wait for the next session." 


Proud Soccer Dad

"He was called up by his club to the first team to play in a tournament... He saved a crucial PK using the technique you taught him. It was awesome. The spectators went wild."


Proud Soccer Mom

"Again... thanks Coach Robert for teaching my boy, he's scoring with his left now thanks to you, and your trainings."


Proud Soccer Dad


24/7 and 365 Live access from anywhere you have an internet connection. Small Frame training from the living room to the backyard and from the park to the stadium. 


300,000 Touches per year for players of dedicated parents with a focus on success


99.44% More cost effective than a years worth of one on one personal training with a coach that follows no process and cant measure your success.


84% More touches than your team practice and personal trainer combined.  Train more efficiently and more effectively

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Coach Roberts Intro to Small Frame Training.
Complete On The EDGE 5 - Part Course.
Simple Soccer Series (Dribbling + Passing).
Lifetime access 24/7 365
Free Tryout Tickets

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Hero Pro - Evaluations - Measure it and Master it
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Agility ladder guide + Static and Dinamic stretching guide

Your Questions Answered

What age level is this for?

Future world cup champions’ “On The EDGE” technical soccer training – is designed for youth soccer players ages 6-18.  The focus is building a strong foundation of skills to build on.  Players run through a progression of basic-moderate-advanced skill sets.

So no matter the age soccer players are challenged to push themselves to become better and in turn more confident.

Can parents and coaches use this? Or is it just for players?

Players can’t do it by themselves!  Parents and coaches are the supporting cast behind the great soccer players of tomorrow.

Future world cup champions is great for coaches to use at team practices, especially for the younger players, the more touches on the ball the better.  As well as parents working with their athletes skill sets at home.

What can I expect from Future World Cup Champions soccer program?

With the “On The EDGE” technical soccer training parents and coaches can expect their athletes to get a minimum of 1,000 touches per 15 min session (EDGE 1-5) or 2,000-3000 touches per 1 hour session (Intensity Calendar)

Effective deliberate soccer training is about focusing time and energy into drills that are proven to develop quality, and control on the soccer field.  The same strategy employed by top academies across Europe.

How do I access the drills? Is there anything in the mail?

Future World Cup Champions is an on-line soccer training platform.  Once signed in you are guided through the training program.  As you go through the program new videos are released often at regular intervals with links sent directly to your inbox, so as to help keep you engaged and focused instead of detached and overwhelmed.  Everything is conveniently located in your online dashboard.  Which means you can start right away instead of waiting for the snail-mail to come.

What if I'm not happy with the drills?

Future World Cup Champions comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Try the program out be consistent and learn the drills.  Follow the simple instructions and watch your footwork and ball control advance like never before.  If you are not satisfied for any reason just send us an email before 30 day are up and you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


What makes this program different from others?

Future World Cup Champions success journey is head and shoulders above the rest.  You can learn a “cool new move” from anywhere!  But only Futureworldcupchampions.com can take you through a system of progression of skill mastery and equip you with the tools necessary for mental toughness.

All this for a fraction of the price of other programs and personal trainers.

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